Haari Boat Racing News

As the races near, we will post event news and race updates on this page. Until then we'd like you to read a bit about our lovely island. We hope to see you here soon!


Hawaii’s Big Island offers many captivating attractions for visitors to enjoy. The now-active Kilauea Caldera and the Pu`u O`o volcanic vents present a stunning and awesome opportunity to experience raw volcanic nature in action.

Mauna Kea’s soaring summit offers another breathtaking adventure for the brave traveler. Hikers can ascend to the 15,000 foot peak, where intriguing astronomical discoveries are made almost daily by renowned scientists. On descent, visit the newly opened `Imiloa Astronomy Center to see one of the world’s most comprehensive exhibitions of Polynesian history and astronomy. A cross-island helicopter tour of the five volcanoes promises an unforgettable experience.

The Big Island offers no shortage of adventures in nature, whether your interest is the elegantly appointed botanical gardens, the primordial rain forest, or the remote black sand beaches where you can frolic with dolphins, sea turtles and even whales.


"The people and culture of the Big Island are truly her gems."

Sample the food, meet the people, and enjoy the many sights. Remain in touch with the friends you make here, and share the Aloha experience with others when you return home.

A Hui Hou!


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